Passenger FAQs

What is iCoupon?

What is iCoupon?

iCoupon is a digital vouchering solution which enables airlines and retailers to issue vouchers to unique barcodes - such as that on a boarding pass. Once the voucher is activated, you can spend it at any iCoupon-enabled retail unit. To redeem the voucher, the boarding pass barcode is scanned during the payment process at the till.

Where can you spend an iCoupon voucher?

Your airline will communicate with you where you can spend your voucher. If this remains unclear, please find a member of airline staff.

How do you use it?

When paying for your items at the till, present your boarding pass to the cashier, they will scan your barcode to redeem the voucher.

If you don’t spend the full amount of the voucher in one transaction, can you spend it elsewhere?

No, each voucher is one-time-use, therefore it’s advised you spend the total amount of the voucher in one transaction.