Airline & Ground Handler FAQs

Issuing vouchers using iCoupon

How does iCoupon enable vouchers to be issued to the boarding pass?

iCoupon is a central engine that integrates with the airline and retailer point of sale (POS) system. The airline issues vouchers to the passenger boarding pass barcode through iCoupon. The integration with the retailer enables them to scan the passenger boarding pass to validate and redeem those vouchers.

At what point does money get loaded onto the boarding pass?

Money is never loaded onto the boarding pass, instead, an entitlement is loaded which is automatically applied.

Does the barcode format need to be changed before a voucher can be issued?

No, nothing on the barcode needs altering, vouchers can be issued to any existing barcode (whether it be a paper or electronic barcode).

Can a voucher be issued to a full flight and/or an individual passenger?

iCoupon vouchers can be issued to all the passengers on a flight or an individual/group of passengers, within seconds, at the click of a button.

If there are passengers of different travel class on the same flight, can you issue vouchers of different value?

Yes, airlines issuing iCoupon vouchers can allocate different monetary values aligned with travel classes.

If a passenger has been delayed twice (rolling disruption), for example 2hr then a further 2hr, can they receive two vouchers?

Yes, multiple vouchers can be issued to one boarding pass.

How long is the voucher valid?

The period of time for voucher validity is set by the airline.

Is iCoupon digital vouchering EU261 compliant?

Yes, arguably the only solution that is truly EU261 compliant as it ensure every single passenger receives a Voucher.

Does the airline have to integrate with iCoupon?

No, the airline can issue vouchers onto the boarding pass without any IT integration.

Redeeming iCoupon vouchers

How do passengers know where they can spend their iCoupon vouchers?

Communication to the passenger is the responsibility of the airline, however for each airport there is a URL the passenger can visit to see a list and description of iCoupon enabled retail units. For example,

How do passengers redeem their vouchers?

The boarding pass barcode is scanned at the retailer to validate and redeem the voucher.

Billing & invoicing

How can the airline validate the retailer invoice?

Submitted retailer invoices can be viewed by the airline via the iCoupon system – ensuring transparency across all parties.

How long is data retained within iCoupon?

iCoupon stores voucher and transaction details for a minimum of 10 years.

iCoupon voucher modules

Other than 'Flight Disruption', what else can iCoupon technology be used for?

iCoupon technology enables vouchers to be added to any existing, new barcode or unique identifier such as a magstripe. Therefore, iCoupon can be implemented for issuing any type of voucher, e.g. monetary, discount, bundle or promotional.  In addition, staff and crew feeding modules are available, cash exchange, taxi, hotel vouchers and many other options.