Retailer Features

Scan the Passenger Boarding Pass to Redeem Digital Vouchers

Reduce passenger queues, staff time and automate the billing process

Simply scan the boarding pass to redeem an iCoupon voucher to reduce queues at the cashier, remove the laborious accounting process for paper vouchers or prepaid cards by automating the billing process.

Continue to receive iCoupon enabled passengers

Accept all iCoupon-enabled airline passengers in the airport, and don't miss out on the revenue.

Create & Submit Voucher Invoices

View outstanding invoices via the web portal

iCoupon captures all invoice data for simple invoicing.

Validate and create draft invoices

Once an invoice has been validated and approved by retail finance in iCoupon, it can be sent to the airline.

Instantly export invoice details

Download detailed and/or summarised invoice data.

Take the work out of processing paper voucher and prepaid card invoices by totally automating the process from the cashier to the accounts.

Save time, money and the environment by switching to a digital vouchering solution


Significantly reduce passenger queuing time

Access Real-Time Reports

Keep track of total spend per airline

Easily access a graphical breakdown of the total spend per airline.

Filter reports to view required data

Report data can be filtered by airport, airline, total invoiced and total, outstanding, date range and trading outlet. All data can be easily exported and saved.