Ground Handler Features

Digitally Issue Vouchers on Behalf of Your Customers

Instantly issue vouchers to a full flight of passengers

Issue any kind of voucher instantly and easily so that vouchers appear hidden within the Boarding Pass for passenger redemption.

Instantly issue vouchers to any passenger, no matter what the circumstance

iCoupon enables you to issue vouchers to single or multiple passengers during any type of disruption or entitlement, whether it be a missed connection or lost luggage. 

Issue any type of voucher to the boarding pass

Many different types of vouchers and values to can be added to the boarding pass at any time.

Easily add multiple vouchers to one boarding pass

iCoupon allows you to add multiple vouchers of different monetary values to one boarding pass at the same time and without recall.

100% EU261 Compliant

Digitally issuing vouchers ensures every eligible passenger receives compensation, all data is automatically saved for a minimum of ten years.

Eradicate the printing, processing and issuing of paper vouchers and prepaid cards

Save time, money and the environment by switching to a digital solution. 

Improve the vouchering service you offer to airline customers, by enhancing the passenger experience and providing instant compensation.

Real-Time Data & Reports

View real-time voucher redemptions

Easily track when and where airline passengers spend their voucher, and export useful data.

Access report data instantly

Access clear and informative reports for every airport, airline, flight and passenger and view overall voucher redemption data.

All data presented within a secure, reliable and accessible web portal.

Take the work out of generating reports.

Remove the arduous task of collating and processing redeemed vouchers.

Instantly validate retailer invoices

View submitted retailer invoices

Simply log in to access all submitted invoices, displaying a clear breakdown of purchased products per airport, flight or passenger.