Smiles better for
delayed passengers

First class digital vouchering 

Requiring no integration, iCoupon enables you to eradicate paper vouchers and instantly add digital vouchers to the barcode on boarding passes, credit cards, loyalty cards or smartphone apps for any use, such as food and drink compensation for a delay.

iCoupon gives you an effortless and secure way of providing single use vouchers and creating a harmonious link between you, the passenger and airport retailers.

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Safe & Secure

iCoupon proves compliance with EU261 food & beverage, while at the same time is transparent and fraud-proof thanks to full auditability and tracking.

Flexibility & Control

Choose the activation and expiry time as well as the value, voucher type and any restrictions, then add as many single use vouchers as you like to the same barcode via ticket, card or smartphone app.

Stress Free

Single use compensation vouchers can be given at any time instantly with no queuing, friction or conflict for happier customers.